Snuff and Necrophilia Fantasy
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Snuffing Annabelle

  • Snuff Fantasy Phone Sex Line Interested in phone sex, but afraid to tell the girls what you're REALLY into? has launched its very own "anything goes" phone sex fantasy line. These girls are totally unshockable! Call 1-866-XXX-PERVand they'll act out your most secret sick fantasies.
  • Cuddly Necrobabes All aspects of the snuff/necro fantasy are covered at this sponsor's site, which is the largest death fantasy site on the Web. Photo sets feature exclusive models, are creepily realistic, and include such topics as beheading, amputation, shooting, knifing, cannibalism, asphyxia, crime scenes and much more. Get free access to other sites including "Black Plague," "Temple of Maiden Sacrifice," and "Visual Terrors." Also included are high quality artworks and photo manipulations contributed by others.
  • Bodybag Skillful and gory photo retouches of women killed by shooting, beheading, bisection, amputation, complete rare/mando/gore movie download, and many rare and exclusive video clips at this sponsor's site.
  • The Dolcett Archives and Dolcett Slide Show Underground artist Dolcett is a hero to sickos everywhere and inspired much of the "snuff," "cannibalism" and "asphyxia" material linked elsewhere on this site. Dolcett's comics apparently take place in a parallel universe where life is extremely cheap and every woman is a "10." Many characters eagerly volunteer to be skewered, roasted and served up as dinner. Looking at Dolcett's work is like staring into the face of pure evil.
  • Femme Fatale Girl O' Guns They LIVE with guns, they KILL with guns and are SHOT by guns. Female assassins, soldiers, revengers, thieves and shooting victims. Full length exploitation movies, video clips and picture gallery.

Gourmet Girls
Gourmet Girls -- Best Site for Women as Meat!

  • Delusions and Depravity. Fantasy artist Ricky out-Dolcetts Dolcett! Truly brutal drawings of women being tortured, beheaded, spit-roasted, butchered, etc. All time best disclaimer page: to get in, you have to agree with the following statement: "When I see beautiful women. I never fantasize to have sex with them, like other men do. I always fantasize how it is to see them being tortured, impaled, being butchered like a animal."
  • Snuffing Annabelle Annabelle and other hot nude and semi-nude models are realistically snuffed in photosets and videos. Includes decapitation, shootings, drownings, hangings, ritual sacrifice and more. Fans of Dolcett or similar women-snuffing fantasy will love this site.
  • Video Mayhem of Florida I don't know where you can get a real snuff film (yet), but at this sponsor's site you can get the infamous "Guinea Pig" series with simulated torture and snuff so realistic the police were looking for the perpetrators!
  • Trickydicky's Surgery This sponsor's fantasy site dedicated to those who want to see their women killed by wounding the belly. Filmguide to films featuring women being shot or stabbed in the belly. 500 films rated, 1500 still clips, over 300 video clips. 2500 images of bellystabbing artwork, including autopsy pics, Fumetti, drawings, 150 stories from various authors. Member paysite, free to contributors.
  • Hanging Bitches Shocking and extreme pictures of hanging, asphyxiation, strangling, bagging, drowning, smothering, crucifixion, beheading, shooting, knifing, necrophilia and more at this sponsor's site. Thousands of pics and movie clips not found elsewhere.

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Scream and Cream

  • The Dark Fetish Yellowpages So you've seen all the sick stuff listed on This site is even more comprehensive, with every site known to man in the following categories: Necrophilia, Slasher, Asphyx, Amazon, Model/Filmmakers, BDSM, Cannibal, Fatal Torture, Hypnosis, Sleepy and Women in Peril.
  • Hanging Nudes Convincing photos of nude and semi-clad women being hanged.
  • Drawing Planet Highest quality drawings of extreme BDSM, gore, abuse, extreme torture and rape from the masters of the genre. Never has so much talent been used for so much evil.
  • Preview Gallery Very shocking pictures of nude women hanged, bagged and drowned.
  • Gag Order Frankly, I didn't know what page to list this site on. Very extreme stories and art, some with snuff, some with torture, many featuring extreme forced body remodeling such as castration, amputation, or being turned into a flesh sex toy.
  • Cannibal Cafe The web site of Perro Loco, the religious leader of the Holy Church of Dolcett. Like Dolcett, Perro presents us with a world which is just like our own except that it is perfectly ok to enslave, torture and kill women. The Stockman's Association offers human "livestock" for sale, a press release, a livestock application (check whether you've been trained in anal, oral, slave training, torture, or "complete dehumanization"). Small gallery of snuff photo retouches and artwork.
  • Gourmet Girls Gourmet Girls sets a standard of excellence for cannibalism sites in site design and quantity and quality of photographs, artwork, comics, and stories. This sponsor's site is a must if you're into the women-as-meat fantasy.
  • Hanged in the Woods A pretty nude redhead with a shaved pussy is gagged and hanged in the woods.
  • Peril Art 3-D artwork of bound women in imminent peril including the rack, the iron maiden and cooking in a big pot. No blood or gore.
  • Passion Bound From the people who brought you the excellent Gourmet Girls, another first-class effort involving bondage, slavery and snuff. This sponsor's site offers higher-quality photos, drawings, and stories, including a collection of rare Dolcett art.
  • New World Order I've been saying for years that Dolcett's comics take place in an imaginary world; here is a site for those who want to make that world a reality by implementing the following principles: an overproduction of females, legalization of rape and snuff of genetically inferior females, education of said females to accept their fate as snuff meat, and cannibalism. Includes a few images, but mostly very detailed articles. Membership is free, but you must apply.
  • Violent Comix Extremely high quality Gary Roberts comix featuring bondage, rape and torture of beautiful women with hairless pussies. These drawings are reminiscent of Dolcett, but Roberts is a much more talented artist.
  • Sexxxy and Deadly Free high quality video clips. The "sexxxy" side has hardcore porn; the "deadly" sign has clips from snuff fantasy videos.
  • Necro Porn Hardcore porn and necro fantasies, combined. Hot looking necrobabes get fucked, die, then get fucked again. See the whole site in thumbnail form before you decide to join.
  • Brutal Games Not strictly snuff, but the most brutal porno in the world. Bleeding female bodies. Women naked and humiliated, forced and torn, cruelly used, their virgin pussies violated. More blood than you will see on any other site.

Brutal Games

Extreme Drawings
Extreme Drawings -- Where her Nightmares become Your Reality

  • Machine Gunnings of Women Extraordinarily violent drawings, comics and stories involving women being killed, primarily by machine gun. Writing sample: "The hot lead churned the sensitive tissue of her pussy which spurted blood and other gore and gave her the most delicious, intensive, and ultimate orgasm in her brutally ended life."
  • Vivi's the Perverted Gallery Photos of beautiful nude Japanese women, retouched so their guts are falling out.
  • Drafty Studios Computer-generated 3-D video-game-looking snuff images including hanging, shooting, butchering, crucifiction, etc. Also includes downloadable snuff animations.
  • The Art of Cato Skillful pencil drawings of young women bound, crucified, tortured and/or killed.
  • The Victim Zone Good pencil drawings of debreasting, impaling, strangulation, mutilation and shooting of women.
  • The FemCan Site Drawings, photo-manipulations, and stories relating to female domination, castration, and cannibalism. Where else are you going to get photos of women eating severed cocks? Includes a member's forum and chat room.
  • Cupacabra's Dark Fantasies Photo-retouches and art devoted to women geting eaten by giant worms, plants, etc., asphyxiation, torture, cannibalism, etc.
  • Dark Tales Bondage and snuff drawings in a distinctive style (all women have huge breasts with bright red nipples). All snuffing is performed by two authoritarian women. Drawings are not explicitly gory. Uniform fetishists should also check this one out. The snuff portion of the site requires Adult Check.
  • Off With Her Head Stories, art, videos and photo-manipulations dealing with decapitation of women.

Violent Comix

Extreme Rape

  • Vicki's Necrobabe Vicki's a girl who likes to "play dead." The site includes pictures of Vicki, and plenty of stories (including lots of cannibalism).
  • Naked Terror Pencil sketches by Wolf, in a style reminiscent of Dolcett. Includes asphyxiation, shooting, executions, death by grotesque monster, "death traps," and cannibalism.
  • Peter's Art and Stories Snuff art with an emphasis on women impaled through the abdomen.
  • Templar's page If you like Peter, above, you'll love Templar, who says: "My fantasies are pretty straightforward. A beautiful, evil woman is shot or stabbed in her navel." Features Templar's art, an interactive game in which you get to harpoon femme fatales, and a "Belly Stabbing/Shooting Message Board." 
  • Monsters Exist The illustrated adventures of a brutal serial killer / rapist who among other things cuts off a prostitute's head and puts it in the toilet.
  • Sir Mordred's Art A small collection of skillful Poser drawings and animations featuring impaled women, plus a Duke Nukem enhancement which changes enemies and victims into scantily clad evil babes.
  • Crucified Women, an Online Community Photo manipulations and artwork featuring women crucified, hanged, and burned at the stak

Horror Sex!

Hentai Babes

  • MA Drawings Snuff drawings, stories and comics primarily involving the beheading of women, in the Dolcett tradition. The artwork is kind of primitive, but I wouldn't call it "shit," as the webmaster does. Mostly, it's uneven in quality. Even in the same comic, one panel will be downright good, while the next should have been crumpled up and started over.
  • Wildfire Archives Photo retouches and drawings featuring women crucified and burned at the stake.
  • Club Dead "Dedicated to the Female Body in Repose." This site advertises videos featuring "fantasy erotic horror and death," with lots of preview stills.
  • Fatal Females Don't spend your hard-earned money on a snuff fantasy video until you read the reviews at this site. Reviews include vidcaps of the video in question. The site also includes a message board, art and comix, and text stories.
  • Gilga's Drawings Primitive black and white drawings of women bound, tortured and killed, usually by hanging.

Brutal Games

  • Lunette's Lunacy Drawings of women about to be, or being, beheaded.
  • Hidden Dreams (formerly the Lair of Liberator) Lots of snuff-oriented artwork, photo manipulations, poetry and stories.
  • Fatal Fantasies Web Ring Check here for any snuff sites I might have missed on this page! Run by a true snuff fanatic.
  • Sam's Place This site is better designed than 95% of what's on the Web, and it's all devoted to women getting killed -- and liking it!
  • Chez Marquis Chez Marquis offers stories of torture, murder and cannibalism.
  • Femmes Obscure A high quality site devoted to snuff stories by various authors. To access the bulk of the site you'll need to e-mail them and ask for a password. The founder of the site, Sonya, once said that she felt that the snuff community needed more material written for women. "Snuff community?"

  • Rob's Necrophilia Fantasy Rob's "just an average guy, really" who wants to share his "deep necro feelings" with you. Lots of text discussing the necrophilia fantasy, illustrated with softcore pictures of "dead" and "sleepy" girls.
  • The Necroerotic A series of articles about necrophilia. The author says that if he had been a hospital orderly with access to Princess Di or Jayne Mansfield he "would have joyously and vigorously fucked not just their three 'standard' orifices, but all wounds that resulted from their accidents as well!" He also suggests that the solution to child molestation is to let pedophiles have their way with children's corpses.
  • TopCat's Tales Stories of cannibalism, snuff, necrophilia and sex, written by someone who apparently is not a native speaker of English. Sample: "The girl that had been gutted sat in her seat with her hand over her pussy. In part to keep the vegetables from falling out of her pussy and to play with her clit. She soon orgasm, she was surprised to find the sensation not much different from before. The only thing she could feel that was very different was that a potato popped out of her pussy instead of her normal flow of juices."
  • Bob's Killer Bitches Small collection of drawings and photo retouches featuring "extremely sexy girlies who get their kicks torturing and murdering males."
  • Asphyxionados Site A collection of stories featuring hanging, snuff and cannibalism, plus some Poser-illustrated stories influenced by Dolcett.
  • Snuff Index Snuff stories from Eli The Bearded's collection.
  • The Jake Baker Case University of Michigan student Jake Baker posted a story on Usenet with his fantasies about torturing, raping and killing a fellow student. He was suspended from school and prosecuted for making threats. This site has the original story and information about the case. Let this be a lesson to you sickos -- don't use anyone's real name.
  • Dark Realm of Polaris Amateurish writing, but extra sick! Who could dream up the scenes involving kittens?

fatal fantasies


Brutal Games

World of Cruelty

Brutal Games

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