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  • Natural Born Losers If you haven't yet seen this depraved couple who killed a man, chopped him in pieces, and took nude pictures of themselves with the body, then you just haven't experienced all the Internet has to offer.
  • Fleshpage One of the biggest and best organized archives of disgusting pictures. Best collection of nude dead women I've seen, plus deformed babies, diseased genitals, accidents and much more.
  • archive Thumbnailed and organized pics from is just one reason to see the Guba Archive, which has hundreds of thousands of videos and pics from hundreds of Usenet groups, serving every fetish and sex preference for about the price of a movie ticket.
  • Video Mayhem of Florida. At this sponsor's site you can buy hard to find horror, splatter, gore, zombie, cannibal, slasher, and kung fu movies for the insane! Titles like "Cannibal Holocaust," "Rapeman of Edo," "Entrails of a Virgin," and "The Sinful Dwarf" will keep you coming back for more.
  • Atlas of Congenital Anomalies of the External Genitalia A promotional web page for the book of the same name, with sample pictures that will freak you out. Includes double penis, intersex, imperforate hymen, micropenis. A must-see for seekers of the bizarre.
  • Ogrish Lots of gruesome movies including suicides, executions, accidents, cop shootings, and Auschwitz footage. Includes the infamous video that the FBI tried to suppress of Muslim extremists cutting off Daniel Pearl's head. Pics of victims of shootings, murders and diseases. Also includes a gallery of extremely violent hentai.
  • What Happens During Circumcision? Answer: you don't want to know. This page is part of the Circumcision Information and Resource Pages.
  • Even more horrifying circumcision pictures can be found at the Circumcision Information Resource Center.
  • Intactivism Pages An enormous amount of anti-circumcision information here. Includes pictures of botched circumcisions, including two really disgusting pictures of a baby suffering from the flesh-eating bacteria, and close-up pictures of circumcisions being performed.
  • Emasculation A well-designed site with a collection of thumbnailed pictures showing everything bad that can happen to a penis. Includes picture series on the following topics: Voluntary self-castration by a man with big fake tits; circumcision on an adult; surgery to correct excessive curvature of the penis. Extremely disgusting miscellaneous images of diseased penises (cancer, gangrene, warts, elephantiasis) and injured penises. This site answers the question: "What's worse than dying?"

Messy Cumshots

STRETCHING the limits of the female ANUS with bizarre OBJECT INSERTIONS

  • Treatment of Diabetic Foot 200 case studies of treatment of feet with huge, festering ulcers, gangrene, etc. Unspeakably disgusting. Still need one more example? See Mom's Treatment.
  • Traumascope Great disgusting site with lots of pics not seen elsewhere. Includes a huge tumor on an otherwise attractive pussy, a baby born without skin, real decapitations, facial cancers, and more.
  • Necro Peep Show Real photographs of nude dead women, and lots of 'em. Need I say more?
  • Adam Naaman, M.D. Photos of ass and colon surgery, including a series of pictures of the removal of some huge hemoroids. See the asshole being resected, the 'roid being grabbed with forceps, and the fleshy lump sitting on a tray after it is cut off.
  • Dr. Yamada's Hemorrhoids Forum Japanese ass doctor explains all about hemorrhoids and anal fissures, with pictures. Don't miss the pictures of how to fix prolapsed internal hemorrhoids.
  • ABPG's Finest Moments The "best of" Really sick pictures accompanied by smartass remarks from the newsgroup participants.
  • Celebrity Morgue Pictures of dead celebrities, including Kurt Cobain, Tupak Shakur, and Tiny Tim.
  • Dermatology Online Atlas Huge quantities of medical photos so disgusting that you'll be scared to click on the thumbnails.
  • Photo Teaching Files From the website of Vanterbilt University Medical Center. These photos are in a "quiz" format that you can use as a party game: guess the diagnosis and treatment for this horribly injured or diseased person!
  • Show Me Your Wound Submitted pics of horrible wounds, and the sickening stories that go with them.
  • Car Crash Photos, Stories and Songs Includes some really horrific pictures of car crash trauma victims plus tons of pictures of crashed cars. Unfortunately, not all of the galleries work.

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Extreme Drawings

  • HIVdent Pictures of diseases of the tongue, gums and mouth experienced by AIDs patients. Check out this site -- particularly the pictures of Kaposi's sarcoma and hairy leukoplakia -- before you spend a lot of time and money on dental school.
  • National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation. Necrotizing Fasciitis is better known as the "flesh-eating bacteria." There are only a few photos here, but boy are they gross! Are you ready for "the large black, liquid filled blisters that are sometimes associated with NF?" If this page leaves you wanting more, here's the same disease afflicting some poor guy's scrotum.
  • Extreme Birth Deformities Horrific pictures of gross birth deformities in Iraqi babies, allegedly due to depleted uranium.
  • Right and Wrong Made Simple Pictures of aborted late-term fetuses, designed to turn you into a right-to-lifer. But hey, we just want to see some gross stuff.
  • Malady of the Month Featuring horrible diseases like flesh eating ulcers, leprosy, rabies, and most horrible of all -- harlequin fetus.

Anime Rape

Hanging Bitches

  • Silicone Breast Implants - Photos your Plastic Surgeon Won't Show You Gruesome photos of breast implant surgery gone horribly wrong, including necrosis, double mastectomy, and infection. Still compelled to see more? Try Silicone Holocaust.
  • Massacres Special Secion Palestinian propaganda depicting alleged Israeli atrocities. Lots of really gory pictures of dead and injured people, including a man lying in the street holding his shot-off foot up in the air.
  • John's Ulcerative Colitis The history of John's bout with ulcerative colitis, including several explicit and nauseating pictures of his stoma. John's all better now, he eats Indian food and passes 8 formed stools per day.
  • Lurid Junkie Disgusting medical photos, thumbnailed and organized by category (diseases, Crohn's disease, proctology, accidents, etc.).
  • The Abyss Thumbnailed pictures of murder, suicide, accidents, dissections and violent hentai. Includes some disturbing pictures of people without noses.
  • Morbid Mind Lots of gross thumbnailed pictures of mangled bodies, dead people, disease, operations, etc. Not in English, but site is pretty easy to navigate. Annoying popunder windows.
  • Genital Warts Pictures Come on guys, wear a condom already. Warts on anuses and penises.
  • Corpse of the Week Just dead bodies. Lots of nude female corpses.
  • Only about five pictures here, but they are disturbing.
  • Baby Photo Retouching Service A service to retouch photos of stillborn babies so they look less, well, dead. The "after" pictures are only slightly less disturbing than the "before" ones.
  • Eye Disease Photos Very appetizing.
  • Gallery of Intense Death Sick pictures including dead childen and horrifying pictures of Bosnian bombing victims.
  • The Skull Lots of non-thumbnailed pictures of dead babies, wounds, diseases, severed body parts, etc.
  • My Personal Pics of Roadkill No comment necessary.
  • Autopsy Photos of Lisa McPherson Close-up pictures of various parts of the body of the bruised and possibly bug-bitten corpse of a woman who died while in the custody of the Church of Scientology.
  • If you're into mangled and disgusting, also try: rotten dot com, Gore Zone.

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