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  • Rape Pictures in Videos and Movies Lots of nudity and Rape Scenes from all your favorite starlets and films. See your Favorite Actresses get raped and fucked! At this sponsor's site, you will find 260+ rape, bondage, torture and abuse pictures of famous actresses in both popular and obscure movie roles. Including Shannon Elizabeth, Farrah Fawcett, Elizabeth Shue, Marina Sirtis, Anna Nicole Smith, Jodie Foster, Kelly McGillis, Shannon Tweed, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ellen Barkin, Linda Blair + many more. Free Sample Pics!
  • Forced 4 Sex Rape movies for download. New movies/clips added weekly. VHS resolution, good framerate, full sound. 50-70Mb per movie only. Super fast dedicated server for speedy downloads. Categories include General Rape, Black Gang Rape, Sleepy/Drug Rape, College Rape, Women Rape Men and Snuff Rape.
  • Extreme Drawings Extreme depictions of BDSM, Rape, Torture, Abuse and Gore may be found at this sponsor's site. Over 15,000 sick drawings collected over twenty years, including the works of the "greats" -- Bishop, Farrel, Ashley, Bill Ward, etc.
  • Pretty Victims Free, very high quality comix of pretty women with shaved pussies bound, humiliated and raped.
  • Rape Incorporated A rape-oriented thumbnail gallery post. Lots of rape galleries.
  • Extreme Rape Gallery Women kidnapped, menaced, forced to suck cock and raped.
  • Violent Comix Extremely high quality Gary Roberts comix featuring bondage, rape and torture of beautiful women with hairless pussies.
  • Rape Fantasy Phone Sex Line SickestSites.com has launched its very own "anything goes" phone sex fantasy line. These girls are totally unshockable! Call 1-866-XXX-PERVand they'll act out your most secret sick fantasies.
  • Brutal Games The most brutal porno in the world. Bleeding female bodies. Women naked and humiliated, forced and torn, cruelly used, their virgin pussies violated. More blood than you will see on any other site.

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World of Rape

  • Salamander's Studio Skillful drawings and photo-retouches depicting women raped by men and by monsters. Also includes a snuff section.
  • BDSM Library An enormous archive of stories. An advanced search on their search engine yields 239 stories with rape themes.
  • Drawing Planet Highest quality drawings of extreme BDSM, gore, abuse, extreme torture and rape from the masters of the genre. Never has so much talent been used for so much evil.
  • Savage Rape Thousands of pictures of violent and sadistic rape, hundreds of video clips, full length rape movies, rape stories, rape chatroom and more at this sponsor's site.
  • Mudshhark's Rape & Forced Sex Fantasy Fiction Collection Well-written rape stories by Jefferson James.
  • Hentai Tentacles Drawings of women being raped by tentacles.

Scream and Cream
Scream and Cream -- Violent Rapes with Pussy Cumshots

  • Guba Archive Torture pics and videos from Usenet, thumbnailed, organized and ready to go. This exhaustive archive has zillions of pics from hundreds of Usenet groups, serving every fetish and sex preference for about the price of a movie ticket.
  • Strange Page Fantasy rape and BDSM photos and writings. Features a "rape dungeon," where women can sign up, provide information on themselves and post pictures, all in hopes of men coming along and cyber-raping them.
  • Scream and Cream Unique rape / cumshot site. Brutal, violent rape videos and galleries, with each victim getting her pussy covered in jism in the end. High quality videos. Anal rape, Japanese rape, cheerleader rape, interracial rape and more.

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RAPE Top Lists -- Forced Fucking and Humiliation!

Gang Rape Brutalization
Rape Pages Forced Anal
Rape Chronicles
Brutal Extreme Rape
Raped Top 100
Hard Extreme Top 100
Force and Fear Top 100
Horror Rape Top 100
Wild Rape and Abuse

Violent Comix
Violent Bondage, Rape and Torture of Beautiful Women with Shaved Pussies

  • Nightmare Paradise About 200+ thumbnailed rape fantasy and bondage pictures, including quite a few good Asian bondage pics. Also includes rape comics, gif animations, erotic art, stories and more.
  • Rapeworld A site combining "nonconsentual fantasy and fictional world creation." Casual surfers can enjoy the images, which are mostly photo manipulations depicting rape by monsters and aliens. Serious fantasizers/role players can delve further into the extremely detailed fantasy world and roleplaying activities.
  • Imma Scared's Nightlands and Screamscapes "Imma" is supposedly a woman writing down her fantasies of rape by a bald man, but a little bird told me she's really a man herself. Decide for yourself!
  • Russian Rape Hundreds of photos plus videos of Russian rapes seen nowhere else. Extreme and violent. Young girls' asses and furry boxes ripped by giant Russian cocks.

Anime Rape

Savage Rape
Violent and Sadistic Rape -- See it Now!

  • All Extreme Sex Dozens of violent rape stories, plus bestiality and other extreme subjects. Sample: "He enjoyed the feel of his fist smashing hard against the soft skin on a woman's face. He enjoyed hearing the *smack* and the *crunch* as his blows landed. Most of all, he enjoyed hearing the painful groans of the women he beat."
  • Anime Rape High quality, very violent Japanese and European rape and BDSM art and animated videos.
  • Literotica An enormous archive of erotic stories in all categories, including 867 stories in the "non-consent" category.
  • Rape Stories Stories with titles like "Bikini Model Gang Rape," "Ordeal in Turkey," and "Melissa Learns her Lesson." Scroll down on the main page to get to the stories. The "movies" and "pics" links lead to advertisements.
  • Bi Rape 100% exclusive gay and lesbian rape pics, videos, stories and comics. Women forcing women. Men forcing men.
  • Rape Stories 140 stories divided into "Male/Female," "Gang Rape," "Incest," "Female/Female" and "Dog/Female." Also includes rape-related links.
  • Anal Wronger's Page 100 thumbnailed pics depicting rape fantasies, with more pics for Adult Check members. WARNING: Many annoying pop-up windows.
  • Forced.info Thumbnailed rape fantasy pics, visible only 18 at a time and updated twice per day. One new video per day. A personal ad section, a tgp and a top list are in their infancy at this writing.
  • Brutally Raped and Humiliated 63 thumbnailed rape fantasy pics.
  • Uniform Rape Uniform rape fantasies: doctor and nurse, garbageman and housewife, policewoman and criminal, hotel security guard and guest, etc. Abuse of power!
  • Gay Rape Agression 58 thumbnailed gay rape fantasy pics, plus five gay rape stories.
  • Free Rape Stories 8 rape stories. Includes "Captured Family," featuring forced incest.


Scream and Cream

Extreme Drawings

Scream and Cream

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