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  • Spit and Vomit Phone Sex Fantasy SickestSites.com brings you its very own "anything goes" phone sex fantasy line. These girls are sexy, creative, and totally unshockable! Your sickest spit and vomit fantasies will come to life! Call 1-866-XXX-PERV.
  • Pukeboyz Galleries of thumbnailed pics of men puking, designed for a gay puke fetish audience. The "ScatPuke" gallery contains some of the most disgusting pictures I've seen on the 'net.
  • Puking Blowjob Gallery One, Two and Three Each gallery has ten little videos of a hot babe getting forcefully face-fucked by a huge dick -- and choking, gagging and puking! Him: "I thought you said you knew how to suck dick." Her (still bent over and spitting): "I do! I do!"
  • PukeGuys From the main page: "PukeGuys features cute, hot, boys puking on themselves, each other, on the sidewalk in bed - everywhere - and we've got hundreds of Photos and lots of Sounds, Stories - and what you want most - Videos!"
  • Spit Women spitting on men's faces. These guys really get slimed!
  • Rate My Vomit Another one of these "rate my" sites, in which you rate vomit pictures along a continuum from tame to gross. If you'd rather be here than at RateMyRack.com, you're a true Sickest Sites fan.
  • N8s Toilet If you want to see photos of frat boys caught in mid-puke, this is the place to go.
  • Slaveboy's Vomit Fetish "For people who like to watch women throw up." Includes vomit pictures, spit pictures, anime, vomit videos, a guide to vomit scenes in the movies, and "erotic vomit stories."
  • The Puke Zone Home page of the heavy metal band SKITZ0. Concert pics display singer Lance's trademark move: puking liters of green slime onto the chests of tattooed, leather-clad, scantily dressed groupies.
  • The Puking Princess Fiction and non-fiction from a female emetophile, plus two really vomitous sound files. Sample line: "I begin to finger myself, wishing it could be *HIM* caressing my vomit-smeared breasts."
  • Vomit Stories True (?) vomit experiences originally posted to alt.fondle.vomit. Why?
  • The Vomitorium More true vomit experiences.
  • Paradise is Lost Featuring the "puke modeling" career of Christopher Morgan, who gets drunk and pukes for the camera.

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